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Medellin Luxury Apartments

Welcome to Poblado Rentals. Medellin's number one luxury apartment rental website.We have apartments to suit your every need and budget.Our accommodations cater to the discerning traveler who wants the same amenities of home but want a personal touch of class and service.We have apartments in all of the finest areas of beautiful Medellin.Our goal is customer satisfaction.We strive to keep our clients happy and coming back time and time again.
Once you stay with Poblado Rentals, you will never want to stay anywhere else.Poblado Rentals is a multidimensional company with services such as Property  Management,Construction/Renovation, Real Estate Consultation/Evaluation, Suitcase/Bag pick up & storage ( as well as Colombia's first pay by credit card taxi service for airport pickups ( We also pride in educating new visitors to the culture of Medellin. The more you learn about this great jewel of a city, the more you will love it. 
When you book with Poblado Rentals you don't just get a great apartment, you get Ruben Marin! Ruben is Poblado Rentals jack of all trades and master of all. Ruben personally greets you for your check-in and will answer all of your questions..and question some of your answers ;). He is Poblado Rental's ambassador of service and class. He can help you with everything from translation to sightseeing to fun nights out on the town. Ruben is the engine that powers Poblado Rentals. There is nothing that he can't handle. The mission of Poblado Rentals is the happiness and satisfaction of all our clients. We are proud to be doing business in this amazing city. We make sure that rubs off on everyone who stays with us or uses our services. Medellin is an amazing place that demands admiration and respect. If you take care of her, she will take care of you. So, please come and stay with Poblado Rentals, you will smile with style.


Our Rentals

2 PH Penthouse Roof Deck AC in Bedrooms. Calle 10 : 1
Parque Lleras
Location:  Parque Lleras
Accommodations:   2 bedroom
Keywords:   Roof Deck, 2 bedroom, wifi, charlee hotel is across the street

This is a 2 bedroom penthouse with a huge deck right around the corner from Parque Lleras. The apartment is rented year round. NEW AC in Both Bedrooms 4/25/14

3 bedroom on calle 6. Its one floor below apt 34. Steam room wrap around terrace. : 2
Provenza area 4 blocks from Lleras
Location:  Provenza area 4 blocks from Lleras
Accommodations:   3 singles or 3 couples
Keywords:   3 bedroom, wrap around terrace, steam room

3 bedroom wrap around terrace, below the other 4 bedroom. Steam room. wifi washer dryer. Please do not book online inquire first.

Accommodations:   3 bedroom
Keywords:   3 Bedroom House with Views of Dan Carlton Hotel and its surrounding Grounds

3 Bedroom House right off Avenida Poblado. 3 blocks from Lleras. Everything you need is right outside of your door. Terrace, Bar, 2 king beds, 1 queen. Wifi, safes in all closets. No issues with short term rental we own the building. Best location Apartment gets a AC unit in living room on 7/16/14

Studio #2, Right next to other studio : 4
middle of everything inside Parque Lleras
Location:  middle of everything inside Parque Lleras
Accommodations:   studio perfect single traveler or couple.
Keywords:   sound proof windows, huge water heater, flat screen, king bed. balcony kitchen.

Brand new studio right next to our other studio. This apartment has a full washer/dryer, wifi, 42 inch LCD TV, Queen Bed, AC, Safe, Kitchen, oven, terrace, blu-ray, and state of the art sound proof windows. Right out the door your in the middle of everything. This is inside a hotel but its privately owned on the second floor.

Viscaya Chalet House : 5
Viscaya right above parque Lleras
Location:  Viscaya right above parque Lleras
Accommodations:   3 bedroom
Keywords:   3 Bedroom, with great outside space.


Penthouse 6 : 6
Poblado, Medellin
Location:  Poblado, Medellin
Accommodations:   5 bedrooms with 5 bathrooms
Keywords:   Duplex 5 bedroom penthouse 2,582 SQFT with a 1,000 SQFT Terrace. Next store apt available as well for bigger group.

This apartment was just completely modernly renovated. The sliding glass doors open up wide to take in this wonderful deck built into the side of a mountain. Great building great location.

Parque Lleras Studio : 7
Middle Of Parque Lleras.
Location:  Middle Of Parque Lleras.
Accommodations:   Big Studio
Keywords:   Over the top studio for a couple. Now sound proofed and price is the same

Inside Parque Lleras, Executive studio with LCD TV, AC. Remolded completely. Hot tub in living room, terrace, wifi, washerdryer combo, 0 blocks from everything. Next store to apt 4, the studios are side by side. Terrace to terrace. The apartment receives sound proofing April 17,2013 Sound proofed knocking down the sound by 80%

Combination of apt 9 and 22 to form a 4 bedroom with a interior staircase. : 8
Poblado on calle 8
Location:  Poblado on calle 8
Accommodations:   1 single or 1 couple
Keywords:   4 Bedroom, two hot tubs, AC. Interior staircase, wifi, washer dryer, wall safes, in room bathrooms.

3 blocks from Park lleras, this is two apartments connected by interior Stair case, creating 4 bedrooms, two hot tubs, AC. In a town with not many options over 4 bedrooms this is a great 1. Priced under $50 a night a guy based on a week.

2 Bedroom modern with Hot tub, AC : 9
Calle 8
Location:  Calle 8
Accommodations:   2 couples or 2 singles
Keywords:   2 bedroom, big beds, wifi, hot tub, brand new kitchen, nice space, flat screens, close to Park Lleras. AC

Wonderful brand new apartment, sleek modern design ready for 2 couples or 2 single guys or girls. 2 bathroom, washer dryer, brand new american style kitchen. 3 blocks from Park lleras. AC in both bedrooms.

Combo of apt 23 & 24 (6) bedroom : 10
Park lleras
Location:  Park lleras
Accommodations:   6 singles or 6 couples
Keywords:   Connected inside this is (two) 3 bedrooms. Making a six bedroom apartment.

This is unique set up perfect for large groups of 6 singles or 6 couples. Two hot tubs the roof deck, a connecting interior staircase that we lock off when apartments are not rented together. Two hot tubs. AC in all bedrooms.

Top 3 APT's-8 bedrooms 9 bathrooms. 3 Hot Tubs : 11
Perfect for groups, Park Lleras
Location:  Perfect for groups, Park Lleras
Accommodations:   8 singles or 8 couples.
Keywords:   Entire Building 3 Apartments, 1 roof top and 3 hot tubs. AC in bedrooms

This is to rent the entire building, 3 apartments in all, two are connected inside the actual apartments. Roof Deck, 3 hot tubs. 8 bedrooms 3 blocks from Park Lleras. There are no 7 bedroom anything in Medellin.

Combo of 9 and 23 to form a 5 bedroom : 12
Park Lleras
Location:  Park Lleras
Accommodations:   5 single people or 5 couples
Keywords:   combination of our apt 9 and 23 one floor each. 5 bedrooms two hot tubs. AC in all bedrooms

This is the perfect combo for 5 single or 5 couples. 3 blocks from Park Lleras, steps away from Avenida Poblado. 2 Hot Tubs, 2 wifi's ceiling fans. Based on 5 guys its $55 a night for luxury. Each bedroom has its own in suite bathroom. The kitchen was made by the owner for the owner so it's nicer then most US kitchens. Washer Dryer, Cable TV, and a in room hot tub in each apartment.

Huge 2 Bedroom with outside space and a den with a fold out futon, next to apt 5 : 13
Location:  Poblado
Accommodations:   2 guy or 2 couples possibly a 3rd on futon
Keywords:   HUGE 2 Bedroom 2 extra futons. $99 A NIGHT!!!! Nice terrace SO QUIET

My brand new house with ruben next to our Apt 5. Would be a great combined house. This has a huge outside space with three tables. A BBQ, wifi, big beds, 2 bathrooms, one in suite, flat screens, DVD, den with siting area, another little area with a fold out futon. Place is actually bigger then apt 5. 1400 sqft

combination of house 5 and 13 for 5 bedrooms. They next to each other : 14
Location:  poblado
Accommodations:   5 singles or 5 couples
Keywords:   combo of 5 and 13. 5 bedrooms to fit bigger groups at a reduced price.

This is the combination of listing 5 and 13, there are right next to each other and perfect for bigger groups.

6 bedroom AC. Hot Tub Park Poblado 2 decks. Named the "El Jeffe" : 15
Park Poblado Area Manila Poblado
Location:  Park Poblado Area Manila Poblado
Accommodations:   6 single people or 6 couples
Keywords:   AC, Hot Tub, 6 bedroom, 7 bathrooms two terraces

Pleased to announce we at it again, our newest project. only true 6 bedroom. 7 bathrooms, 6 bedrooms, all in suite bathrooms, AC in all rooms, bathrooms in suite, no 1 bedroom was made to be much bigger then others, huge breakfast island, flat screens all room, two patios, 6 blocks to lleras, This is the one place huge family or 6 guys can stay and enjoy. Yes we know Jefe is spelled with one F....Place named for a dear friend.

Rent the Block 14 Bedrooms. 6 Apartments. Good For group functions : 16
Calle 8 3 blocks from lleras
Location:  Calle 8 3 blocks from lleras
Accommodations:   14 singles or 14 couples 28 people max.
Keywords:   14 bedrooms 14 singles or 14 couples. Only option this many besides a hotel

Good for functions. All right next to each other. 5 apartments in same building one the apartment directly across the street. The patio on 2nd and 3rd floor can actually talk to the people staying there from there front entrance. It's that close.

5 Bedroom Top and Bottom Combo, Deck, and all apt have AC. APT 24 and APT 9 : 17
3 blocks from Park lleras
Location:  3 blocks from Park lleras
Accommodations:   5 singles or 5 couples and has a erxtra futon on 2 bedroom
Keywords:   Roof deck, bar, AC on top floor 5 bedroom combo apartment in same building we own.

This is a 5 bedroom combo. It included the top floor with the roof deck. 5 guys or 5 couples. 3 blocks from park lleras.

2 Story Penthouse 3000 Sqft 4 Bedroom 4.5 Bath : 18
Close to Sao Paolo Plaza La Frontera El Poblado 10 minutes to Lleras
Location:  Close to Sao Paolo Plaza La Frontera El Poblado 10 minutes to Lleras
Accommodations:   4 singles or 4 couples
Keywords:   24 security, Pool, Sauna, 2 Parking spots, Private Balcony, hot tub and steam room

4 Bedroom Duplex Penthouse. With Pool Big Social balcony APT 1310 3000 Sqft. 10 meg wifi. washer dryer. INQUIRE DATES ARE NOT ALWAYS UPDATED

3 Bedroom Penthouse Castropol area, roof deck Hot tub, bar, wifi, AC in Bedrooms. MIN 14 night rental APT 19 : 19
Castropol area poblado park lleras
Location:  Castropol area poblado park lleras
Accommodations:   3 bedroom for 3 singles or 3 couples
Keywords:   AC in all bedrooms, hot tub, roof deck, bar, couches, 2nd balcony, flat screens big bed 4.5 bathrooms.

This penthouse is a 3 bedroom with a roof deck in the Castropol area of Medellin. It has a hot tub, wifi, bar, and AC in the master bedroom plus a office and another terrace besides the roof deck. AC in Bedrooms, great roof deck. For sale as well for 375 million pesos.

4 Bedroom Combo of 2 Apartments. PH and 1 Bedroom ROOF DECK : 20
Park lleras
Location:  Park lleras
Accommodations:   4 single males or 4 couples.
Keywords:   Hot Tub, Wifi, safes, AC, 3 blocks Lleras, 2 apartments 3 bedroom and 1 bedroom same building

This is a combo of a 3 bedroom and a 1 bedroom same building. All bedrooms have AC, big beds, wifi, washer dryer, safe in all bedrooms, All Bedrooms have in suite bathrooms. 3 blocks from park Lleras. Top of building with private roof deck and bottom of building a 1 bedroom. 4 single guys max....or 4 couples.

THE "1" Our first 1 bedroom HOT TUB double AC : 21
poblado Calle 8 Suits ground floor
Location:  poblado Calle 8 Suits ground floor
Accommodations:   1 single or 1 couple
Keywords:   1 Bedroom AC living Room, AC Bedroom, Hot Tub, wifi, safe, washer dryer Great location ground floor no stairs.. Safe in closet

In Poblado Rentals style you have talked we have listened. 1 Bedroom, calle 8 ground floor, washer dryer, two AC units, Hot tub 2 LCD TV's.....

2 Bedroom on calle 8 : 22
Location:  Poblado
Accommodations:   2 singles or 2 couples

Two bedroom Calle 8. AC in both Bedrooms and living room. Hot Tub in living room and connects by inner stairs to apt 9, to create a 4 bedroom. 3 blocks walk to Park Lleras, wifi, washer dryer, safe in both bedrooms, 3 bathrooms.

3 Bedroom hot tub, Park lleras : 23
Park Lleras
Location:  Park Lleras
Accommodations:   3 singles or 3 couples
Keywords:   3 bedroom hot tub, with staircase inside linking to another 3 bedroom for 6 beds if needed. Close to Lleras, wifi, flat screens.

Brand new 3 bedroom 3 blocks from Park Lleras, on the corner of calle 8 and avenida poblado. Has wifi, flat screens, big beds, hot tub, and a beautiful kitchen. Every bedroom has AC inside, plus a closet safe.

Park Lleras off Avenida Poblado
Location:  Park Lleras off Avenida Poblado
Accommodations:   3 bedroom. 3 singles or 3 couples
Keywords:   3 Bedroom Penthouse entire roof deck can be combined with locking inner stairway for a 5 bedroom apartment. apt 23 & 24 connect by locked stairwell. AC in living room and master bedroom.

Wifi, Penthouse in Lleras. Entire roof deck, connects to three bedroom below, hot tub. Bar, private. Close to everything

4 bedroom Combo of 2 Apartments in Park Lleras AC all Bedrooms. Wifi 2 hot tubs : 25
Park lleras
Location:  Park lleras
Accommodations:   4 single males or 4 couples.
Keywords:   Hot tub, 4 bedrooms, 2 apartments same building. wall safes all bedrooms, in suite bathrooms.

Combo of two apartments in same building creating 4 bedrooms. In Park Lleras area. All Bedrooms have AC. In suite bathrooms, wall safe. Big beds. 2 hot tubs. Max occupancy is 4 single guys or 4 couples.

Calle 10 & Avenida Poblado
Location:  Calle 10 & Avenida Poblado
Accommodations:   3 single people 3 couples
Keywords:   Close to Lleras Again we own the entire Building

Calle 10 Project entire building just like calle 8. Close to that building.

Calle 10 Project the 2nd 3 Bedroom : 27
Calle 10 and Avenida Poblado around corner from Marios Pollo
Location:  Calle 10 and Avenida Poblado around corner from Marios Pollo
Accommodations:   3 single people or 3 couples
Keywords:   Entire building again we own.

another building to put the large group. Very close to Park Lleras.

Calle 10 Project entire building 2 bedroom apartment : 28
Calle 10 and avenida poblado
Location:  Calle 10 and avenida poblado
Accommodations:   2 singles or 2 couples
Keywords:   our new project where we own the entire building around corner from marios pollo

another ideal spot to put the big group. rent out more then 1 apartment in the same building and keep everyone together.

Calle 10 project 2 bedroom : 29
calle 10 and avenida poblado around the corner from marios pollo
Location:  calle 10 and avenida poblado around the corner from marios pollo
Accommodations:   2 singles or 2 couples
Keywords:   another entire building we own to keep the big group together under the same roof.

calle 10 will be alot like it's sister on calle 8. Again the big groups are welcome and all can stay under the same roof.

Two Bedroom Park Lleras, Hot Tub, AC, Sound Proof. MODERN : 30
Park Lleras, Poblado
Location:  Park Lleras, Poblado
Accommodations:   2 couples or 2 singles
Keywords:   AC, Hot Tub, Park Lleras, wifi, Sound Proofing.

Right in the middle of the action, around the corner from hooters. This Modern 2 bedroom, with AC, Wifi, Safes, Hot Tub and sound Proofing be a great location for your next stay in Medellin.

Floor under APT 30 in Park Lleras. Bought 2/6/15 By Ruben and Myself.... : 31
Park Lleras by hooters
Location:  Park Lleras by hooters
Accommodations:   2 singles 2 couples
Keywords:   Owned by Ruben and myself. Two Bedroom. Hot Tub, AC living room, Bedrooms. 1 floor under apt 30. Bought 2/6/15

GROUND ZERO PARK LLERAS. We will hopefully have 3 apartments in the building under management. this one we own, APT 30 and WES/JOSH 5th floor. so 3rd, 4th and 5th floor.

9 Bedrooms 4 apartments on calle 8 : 32
Calle 8, 3 blocks from Park lleras
Location:  Calle 8, 3 blocks from Park lleras
Accommodations:   9 single guys and or 9 couples not counting kids
Keywords:   9 bedrooms and 4 apartments contain your group in our building.

this is for big groups our building 3 blocks from Park lleras. AC in all bedrooms. New kitchens. Hot tubs in all apartments access to top floor roof deck. Made up of apt 9,21,23,24

11 Bedrooms entire Building (5) apartments. Good for Functions : 33
Calle 8 and Ave Poblado
Location:  Calle 8 and Ave Poblado
Accommodations:   11 single guys or 11 couples

11 bedrooms, AC, Roof Deck, no one else in building to call and complain, Wall safe each bedroom, 5 wifi's, Hot tub each floor, In room bathroom each floor.

4 Bedroom 5 bed Duplex Penthouse : 34
Right above Park Lleras Provenza
Location:  Right above Park Lleras Provenza
Accommodations:   5 singles or 5 couples
Keywords:   AWESOME, 4 bedroom wrap arounbd balcony duplex. 9/15/14. Place adds a sauna to apartment. 5th bedroom added 10/1/14

4 bedroom duplex on calle 6. views, comfort, wifi, deck. INQUIRE CALENDAR NOT UPDATED