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La Provincia

One of the best around. Reservations are required. The menu never disappoints. Phone 311 9630

El cielo

Phone number is 268 3002 Chic place near Lleras. Good place to people watch and something a little d


Carmen is another one of the famous top 10 restaurants in medellin depending on who you ask. Reserva


Point of Interest

Explora park

They are expecting donkey carts and straw hatted local farmers. Imagine their utter surprise to find

Museum Antioquia

Botero exhibits outside, paintings inside. A must see if you like art in medellin.

Guatape & Pienol

After visiting and walking up the 750 stairs of the Penol de Guatape, We took a cruise in the Laguna

Arvi park

Great natural beauty and very easy to access from the city metro. The zip line was especially fun an