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NOVEMBER 11th, 2019.

Poblado Rentals started 2009 when 3 friends bought a apartment together in Medellin. Was very half hearted we realized when we got here how much. We loved Medellin. So it was basically a apartment to use for vacation for ourselves and then when we weren’t going to be here rent it out. So we bought a place next to park lleras. We made some slight changes only to it because it was furnished. Put it up for rent. We advertised back then on vrbo, homeaway and craigslist. Airbnb was still in it’s infancy. We couldn’t believe it was sold out very quickly. So on my own bought a soto verde and then another soto verde apartment across the hall. My first rehab went horrible. By second rehab, things got better and easier. The more times you do something I guess the esier they become. Things went very well for awhile. But like all good things, they never last forever. Colombia took on a lot of pressure from the hotel industry. The influx of foreignors never sat well with the wealth of Colombia. But you roll with it, after getting my ass handed to me from 2017-2020 almost, you learn to adapt change and improve. Quiting was never a option. Throwing a hail marry to almost losing a entire building, We also decided that we would dig deep. Bringing in new employees and legalizing the entire company. We had to adapt to a ton of obstacles here. now in almost our 11th year of buisness we feel we are back again on track. I have been in the office almost 7 days a week. I have given up a lot to get back to this point. Hopefully the future will be bright, but no matter what we stay the course improve. I thank you our clients for supporting us.

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