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UPDATED   NOVEMBER 5th, 2020  Year 11 for PBR!@!

What it takes to book a place

50% to book then once here the other 50% in cash or credit card for balance and security if name matches the primary and card has a chip.  Every apartment has a security deposit.  We collect in cash at check in give back at check out as long as no damage.  It can be paid in cash, Venmo, Zelle, as well. Some owners will take dollars some owners will only take pesos….Some owners charge a 3% fee for a credit card…..All security deposit’s if on a credit card has a fee….THE REASON WHY….Processors don’t return the fee…..QUESTIONS ASK….PLEASE

Schedule is Studios, 1 bedrooms, and 2 bedrooms.  $200

 Three Bedrooms $300.  Anything bigger is between $250 and $500


Now a few places make me collect the entire amount at time of booking or 5 days before due to the owners living out of country or that is just there policy.  In the rental ad it does say it.

Deposit at chase, Citibank, Zelle, google wallet, we can send a credit card invoice. Right now venmo works best for us.  We also have  IBAN account in Europe.   Also for Colombian bank transfers or cash payment.  Can do a bank xfer here in Colombia contact us for the details. Can also take crypto currencies as well.

Poblado Rentals Sas Bancolombia ahorras  ask for details for transfer

Venmo @barry-brachfeld




If you make a deposit send a confirmation of what code and dates to credit and a email or number to reach you @ –>

Second Portal for booking:

above any country and type of credit card.

Balance here in cash to manager dollar or pesos please use XE.COM to figure out if not in dollars.

Cancelation or changes.

Over 30 days full cash refund. Over 14 days credit towards future stay in the same apartment. Under 14 days loss of booking deposit.

Please don’t come here and say nope I don’t want the apartment. Questions should be asked prior to arriving. Noise concerns, stairs, location. Ask. It’s not a hotel. That apartment is reserved only for you. Please don’t show up and say I want my money back. The videos and address will give you a fair assessment of what to expect. I encourage you to ask questions prior to booking. If your not sure because of work please don’t book till your sure. If it’s the case just wing it pay nothing and show up to see what’s open.

THERE IS NO CHANGING APARTMENTS UNDER 30 DAYS. After booking you have 24 hours if the booking is under 30 days out to change your mind and ask for a refund.


There are no refunds for inclement weather, deaths or other issues beyond your control. Trip insurance or look into what your rental insurance covers for under $40 you might be re-imbursed for everything.  We will not entertain any call about we missed our flight it got canceled.  Work made me skip this.  We can’t sit empty because you changed your plans.  Buy trip insurance and your covered.


Daily cleaning mostly is not  included but you can set it up for a small price inquire with santiago.

If you broke something tell us. We seen it all. We will try and fix it as cheaply as possible. This way we still on good terms. Don’t tell us some story..  We aren’t going to try and soak you on the repair…If you don’t tell us and just leave we will ban you or report you to customs officers.

You can not bring anyone on to our property under 18 unless there with there legal guardian.  Everyone visiting you needs a photo cedula not the paper temp.  Anyone not having this will be asked to leave.  Fighting with us about this will result in us calling the police.

Trying to bribe Andres to have to minors brought in will result in us tossing you out.

If the police are called or a ambulance for any reason pack your bags your out. Control yourselves. You don’t want to get arrested trust me.



If you are traveling with a child your property may require you to present the following documents: Parents traveling into Colombia with a child under 18 may be required to present the child’s birth certificate and photo ID (passport for foreign visitors) upon check-in. If a relative or legal guardian is traveling into Colombia with the child, that relative or legal guardian may be required to present a notarized consent of travel signed by both parents and a copy of both parents’ ID. If only one parent is traveling into Colombia with the child, that parent may be required to present a notarized consent of travel signed by the other parent. Visitors who plan to travel with children should consult with a Colombian consulate office prior to travel for further guidance.

Colombia is very strict on this to help fight a parent fleeing with a child.

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